What is Morr?

  1. For Businesses
    - MORR is an application that allows businesses to launch or integrate their loyalty programs to acquire new users and retain existing users.
  2. For Users
    - MORR is an application that gives users unparalleled rewards and a personalized experience from your favorite merchants by rewarding you more.
    - Get more back for what you spend, every payment is instantly rewarded in-app and outside the app with your favorite wallet.

How do I sign up?

Our customer support team will get reach out to you within 24 hours to start the onboarding process once you’ve contacted us!

What Type Of Businesses can join MORR?

If you're in the business of Food and Beverages, retail, ecommerce, lifestyle and more. Everyone is welcomed at MORR

What are the benefits of being a MORR Partner?

We help merchants take the first step in growing their business. When you become a Morr Partner, your business will be displayed on our discovery catalogue where Morr App users can discover your business. Moreover, we are motivated to help you retain your customers through our loyalty program, where customers can earn points and rewards every time they make a transaction.

How Much Is it to subscribe to MORR?

  1. Zero Cost
    - There is a nominal transaction fee of X% for every transaction processed through MORR
  2. What if i don't want payments to be processed through MORR?
    - With the MORR application, we allow merchants to accept payments directly and still integrate their business into our loyalty system

What’s the static value of the loyalty points?

Points will carry a static value i.e RM 0.1 = 1 loyalty point.

Do the loyalty points have an expiry date?

No, the loyalty points do not have an expiry date.

What is the cashback percentage and what fees are associated with joining MORR?

There is a 2.5% payment gateway fee that is borne by all merchants. The Cashback percentages offered by merchants through morr application is customizable and is =>3%

Is Morr liable for the loyalty points?

No, the merchants are liable for the points issued out to the customers and redeemed at the shop.

Do I have any cost to incur if I join MORR ?

There is zero cost for initial on boarding. In the future when new functions are available, you might be prompted to subscribe. 


  1. Tier is for how much you are willing as well as capable of rewarding your loyal customers. This should be based on your operations cost as well as how well you would like to reward your customer within your means. 
  2. There will be a total of three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Different tiers consist of different percentages of cashback. Customers would have to spend a certain amount to level up in the tier system. This will then set the lifetime cashback value for your loyal customers. 
  3. Customers must also visit your business a certain amount of times before they can advance to the next tier, this is to gauge how many times would a customer need to walk in for you to appreciate their contribution to your establishment
  4. Total spend to achieve tier - Is the total amount of contribution a customer has to give in  order to be your most loyal customer.
  5. Total spend is your gauge of the lifetime value of a customer and how much he would have to contribute for him/her to, in return, benefit from your business for his/her lifetime. 
  6. Total spend to achieve tier -  Is the total amount of contribution a customer has to give in order to be your most loyal customer.
  7. Total spend is equally distributed based on cashback tier variance. For example, RM 100, for 1-2 % means, the first RM 50 will unlock 1% and the next rm 50 unlocks the 2nd percent. And RM 500  = RM 250 then 3% unlock at first RM 250 and the next RM 250 for 4% and so on.