If you decide to return, cancel or request a refund for a purchase for which you have already received the cash back from a particular restaurant, MORR will reduce the balance of the cashback in your account by the amount of cash back that you received for that transaction. If the balance of cash back in your account is less than the amount of cash back you received for the return, cancellation or request for a refund, we will offset that amount of cash back from future qualifying transactions.Products and services offered on MORR app are provided to you on an “as is” basis and are regulated by and subjected to our merchants and retail partners' policies,terms, and conditions. These clauses include, and are not limited to their returns, cancellations, and refunds policies. Your participation in the offers of, or correspondences with, any of our brands and retail partners is solely between you and them. MORR is not the operator of our brands and retail partners, and we do not assume the responsibility and liability, including but not limited to the clauses above.