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Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile phones. The Morr app allows you, as a business owner, to put your best foot forward and display what you want your customers to see. With our discovery feature it allows potential customers to view your business.

Get discovered by new customers

Promote your business

Facilitate customer acquisition

Customer Retention

Did you know that 65% of a company’s business comes from returning customers? We all know that no business is ever successful without its customers, so with the Morr loyalty program, we can assure that customers will feel more encouraged to come back to your business.

Increase repeat visits significantly

Create a loyal customer base

Increase customer lifetime value

Hassle-free setup

At Morr we believe that with our simple and straight-to-the-point setup process, you will be taking the first step in growing your business.

Our customer relation will guide you through the process

No joining fees and charges

At a nominal fee for every sales transaction

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